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I Love Rio is a Portal with a unique philosophy, covering the social, cultural and historic fabric of the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The city's past, present and potential are presented in a light and playful way, making them accessible and appealing to residents, visitors and audiences from afar. An original, positive and expansive lens helps readers to meaningfully understand and engage with the mysteries and magic of Carioca culture. The Website follows a friendly structure, easy to use, intuitive, and visually pleasant presenting articles on tourism, culture, music, gastronomy, lifestyle, nightlife, fashion, sports, business, history, Niterói and several cities across Rio de Janeiro state. The texts are supplemented by stunning photos of the highest quality, and each presentation showcases Rio with panoramic depth and clarity.

photograph of a detail of life in rio de janeiro city, brazil's cidade maravilhosa as experienced by the local cariocas


With about 25,000 pages of content, I Love Rio offers a new tourist-cultural interpretation - In addition to presenting useful information for visitors and tourists alike, the portal is designed to show how each cultural aspect of Rio de Janeiro came to develop, explaining how these places affect the lives and traditions of Rio's residents, and Rio's artistic and cultural production.

I Love Rio discloses projects and initiatives related to the conservation of nature, the preservation of the environment, and its harmonization with the regional development - in addition to providing direct links to the various institutions responsible for these activities and projects. The Portal widely emphasizes the respect for nature, and the importance of environmental protection above all.

Part of I Love Rio is dedicated to 16 unique cities in the state of Rio de Janeiro - for each of these cities the Website emphasizes the history, the nature, local cultural events, food and lodging options; aiming at increasing the interest of International tourists for the entire state of Rio de Janeiro, besides the Capital.