The Website's advertising is driven by three principles: free or sponsored distribution, targeted distribution and creative distribution of content and related offerings.

There are various I LOVE RIO products, some of which are free at the point of consumption and distribution, meaning that customers do not have to pay anything to read the rich and informative historical and cultural content, and distributors do not have to pay to have the Website at their disposal as a product offered to customers.

photograph of a detail of life in rio de janeiro city, brazil's cidade maravilhosa as experienced by the local cariocas


Part of the I LOVE RIO distribution strategy includes tailored plans and partnership developments of brands and products, to divulge Rio de Janeiro's culture and image both Nationally and globally.

While the Portal achieves international visibility and brand awareness through free and unique content presented in over 50 languages, local Carioca offerings reach deep within Brazil via a wide variety of consumer products.

The joint development of touristic and cultural content via online and paper publications, together with products representing Carioca culture, build on one another expanding multi-product brand awareness.

Tailored editorial content paired with a unified brand visual identity across all product lines, is used to explain and promote all offerings while framing them within Carioca history and culture.

Spanning from gastronomy to photo books, from cosmetics to sports equipment, I LOVE RIO is committed to divulging some of the jewels of the Cidade Maravilhosa in ever more far-reaching, innovative and creative ways.